Loterie Nationale, Belgium’s national lottery, has launched a new European drawing game, Vikinglotto.

Launched on November 19, Vikinglotto is a draw game that has been around since 1993, and it is organised in coordination with lotteries from nine European countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia.

Jannie Haek, CEO of Loterie Nationale, said: “This consortium contacted the National Lottery to ask us if we wanted to join them. I am proud to have received this proposal because it shows that the work of the Loterie Nationale is recognised by its international peers.”

The Vikinglotto draw takes place every Wednesday at 7pm in Norway. It involves six numbers being drawn at random from a series of balls numbered from 1 to 48. One complimentary number called a Viking, numbered 1 to 8, is drawn among the series of balls as well.

In Belgium, a Vikinglotto game costs €10 and is made up of six numbers, eight Vikings, and one Super Viking. One or more combinations are possible, up to a maximum of 10 combinations per draw. Up to five consecutive draws can be played too.

Participation in the Joker is possible at the same time, with one to four combinations. In this case, a Joker combination costs €1.50.

Belgium’s Vikinglotto has a base jackpot of €3m, and as long as there is no Tier 1 winner, the jackpot can climb with each draw until it hits its ceiling, which is currently set at €35m. The overall odds of winning per €10 wager is one in 6.39. For now, the draw is only playable on the lottery’s digital platform, e-lotto.be.

Haek added: “We responded favorably to this proposal because Vikinglotto will allow the National Lottery to offer its players a new game that fits perfectly into our DNA: an inherently responsible lottery game.

“In addition, Vikinglotto perfectly complements our draw game offering since we can consider that the latter lies between the Lotto, our traditional product and the EuroMillions that everyone knows.”