Alabama lottery bill set for Senate verdict after committee vote victory

Alabama lottery bill
Image: Shutterstock

An Alabama Senate Committee has approved a proposal that could see the arrival of the state’s first lottery, as reported by AL.

Last week, Alabama Senator Greg Albritton unveiled plans for a comprehensive gaming package of laws, including a lottery named ‘Alabama Education Lottery’ and five new casinos.

Albritton argued that statewide regulation of gambling is fundamental as Alabama does not receive any tax revenue or benefit under present parameters.

Alabama voters have not had a chance to vote on the introduction of a lottery since its 1999 rejection, with the Cotton State notoriously strict on its gambling views. Currently, 45 states have lotteries, including the four that border Alabama.

Albritton has moved to allay fears over the proposals, affirming that the only expansion of gambling is the lottery, which would support education scholarships.

Following a public hearing on Wednesday, the Tourism Committee passed the two-bill plan by a count of 9-1, putting it in line for a vote in the Senate. Albritton expects his bill to be up for consideration next week.

A similar proposal was submitted and passed in the Senate last year, but ultimately did not garner the requisite approval for a vote in the House of Representatives.

In order for a final voter ballot, the legislation must be supported by three-fifths of senators and representatives.