The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) has updated its GLMS Statutes to ensure that it reflects the evolving landscape of the industry, with the alliance against sport competition manipulation focusing on ‘effective collaboration for stakeholders with lotteries’.

GLMS confirmed the amendments following a general meeting with individual lottery members, which took place by a written procedure due to the global health pandemic.

The major takeaway from the changes include giving stakeholders new types of co-operation with GLMS providing membership statuses and benefits from the organisation’s services.

A GLMS spokesperson explained the decision: “Given the expansion of the domain of sports integrity in recent years and the need to take collective actions and responsibilities at a global level,  GLMS, a non-profit association, and its member lotteries understand that it is becoming essential to be able to co-operate with other stakeholders to tackle effectively the phenomenon of sports corruption.

“GLMS Statutes need to reflect various changes in the lottery world (i.e. lotteries acting as regulators, the opening of the US sports betting market) and its own evolution over the last five years, providing services of monitoring, analyses, legal implementation and research, education, prevention and project-involvement.”

As a result of the changes, any current or future partners will be given the opportunity to become an associate member of the GLMS, which will provide a two-way exchange between the entities and boost sport integrity efforts.

Moreover GLMS memberships will help stakeholders engage more with the partners as they will be a part of the association and share the same values ‘ through strategic activities and its Code of Conduct and Statutes’.

The decision was made to amend the texts following a study and evaluation by the GLMS Executive Committee, along with the association’s collective founding members, European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association. The amendments were then voted upon, and passed, by the GLMS Individual lottery members which led to GLMS Statutes being modified in September 2020.