Lotería de Córdoba set to manage online gambling tender in the Argentine province

Argentinian province of Córdoba has officially regulated online gambling, as new rules have been published in the Official Gazette
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The Argentinian province of Córdoba has officially regulated online gambling, as new rules have been published in the Official Gazette. The framework establishes that there will be at least ten permits in the province, which will be managed by the local lottery, Lotería de Córdoba.

Starting May 20, national and global companies interested in operating online gambling platforms in the province will be able to participate in the process managed by the lottery.

José Alonso, Deputy Manager of the Legal Department of the Lotería, explained: “Online gambling is already operational in the province, and we’re calling for bids for applicants to be licensees.”

He also explained that the regulations contemplate new games or others that are already on gambling platforms so they can be played online, such as lottery and casino games, sports betting and more.

“We are formalising a situation that has been happening in the province illegally. That’s why we’re creating a framework of legality and protection for all players.”

According to Alonso, the bidding process will be carried out in 80 business days, while the envelopes will be opened on July 5. It will end in mid-September, in case there are no issues around the bids, and the Lotería will announce the winners the same month.

“They won’t be able to include Quiniela games, and whatever they decide to offer, we will analyse it to figure out if it’s a responsible game,” he said.

Moreover, Alonso explained that access to minors and alimony debtors will be restricted, although the province could end up including more limits.

This measure comes only weeks after the Deliberative Council of the City of Córdoba tried to pass a bill to ban online gambling. The Legislature’s Addictions Commission met with interested parties in the first week of May, and although it only transpired that the group included lawyers with ties to the Catholic Church, the proposed ban has no signs of being a problem in Córdoba.

In regards to existing ordinances that prevent online gambling, the Deputy Manager said that the lottery “doesn’t see any restrictions” and that they understand that there’s only a limitation when installing gambling halls.

Córdoba is the second most populous city in Argentina, only after its neighbour Buenos Aires. The two jurisdictions in the capital, the City and the Province of Buenos Aires, have recently launched their online gambling markets, which are considered two of the most relevant ones in South America and two with the biggest potential, not only in terms of revenue but also because fan engagement could help grow the sports betting market.