Scratch ticket sales soar as Texas Lottery enjoys record-breaking FY2022

Scratch ticket sales soar as Texas Lottery enjoys record-breaking FY2022
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The Texas Lottery has generated $8.3bn in sales in FY2022, breaking an all-time fiscal year record for the second consecutive year.

This total marks an increase of $189.7m (2.3%) over FY2021 and resulted in a record contribution of around $2bn for Texas education and veterans; $1.97bn was given to the Foundation School Fund and $26m was handed to the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance.

“We are thrilled to announce the Texas Lottery once again generated record revenue for the state of Texas during fiscal year 2022,” commented Robert Rivera, Chairman of the Texas Lottery Commission.

“We want to thank all the players for supporting the Texas Lottery and for their participation in providing these much needed funds for the Foundation School Fund and the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance.”

The lottery’s record sales were aided significantly by the growing popularity of its scratch tickets.

In FY2022, scratch ticket sales totalled $6.7bn, a record amount for the lottery, and these accounted for 81.1% of the portfolio’s total sales.

The new record reflects $110.3m, or 1.7%, more in sales over FY2021.

New scratch-off games introduced in FY2022 include ‘Veterans Cash’, ‘Texas Edition Bucks & Trucks’, ‘50 X Speedway Riches’, and ‘$20million Supreme’.

Accounting for $211.2m (3.1%), of total scratch ticket sales, $20million Supreme was the number one selling scratch ticket every week since its launch on May 16, and the $100 scratch ticket game ended the fiscal year as the fifth top-selling scratch ticket overall.

The Texas Lottery also teamed up with the NFL on new Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys scratch tickets.

“The Texas Lottery is one of only a handful of US lotteries to experience sales growth in traditional lottery scratch ticket and draw game products over the last fiscal year,” said Gary Grief, Executive Director of the Texas Lottery.

“Despite competing with the return of many entertainment options after the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as increasing inflation, this latest sales record was buoyed by two major milestones – the launch of the US lottery industry’s first $100 scratch ticket game in May 2022, as well as the advertised $1.28bn Mega Millions jackpot for the July 29, 2022 drawing.

“More than anything, however, this new sales record is a testament to the persistent hard work of Texas Lottery staff, vendor partners, and retailers, which made it possible for the Texas Lottery to once again contribute almost $2bn in revenue to the state of Texas.”

The lottery also enjoyed a record year for its draw-based game sales, generating $1.6bn during FY2022, a $79.4m increase over the prior year.

Texas’ in-state draw games produced $770.8m in sales during FY2022 – 49% of the portfolio’s total draw sales. Of the in-state draw games, the daily draw games generated $541.1m in sales (34.5%) for the fiscal year.

FY2022 was also a record year for the Texas Lottery’s 20,720 retailers across the state, whose commissions totaled $415.4m, the highest payment to retailers in its history.

Overall, $441.6m was paid to retailers in commissions, incentives and through the retailer bonus programme, a new Texas Lottery record, and an average payment of $20,046 for each of the Texas Lottery’s retail partners.

Meanwhile, $5.7bn was paid to prize winners, the highest prize payment in Texas Lottery history, and $170.7m more than was paid to players in FY2021.