GGL drives public awareness on gambling safeguards

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Gluecksspiel (GGL), the Federal Gambling Authority of Germany has launched a new ‘public information campaign’ on online gambling safeguards.

The initiative was announced this week as the headline directive of Germany’s first ‘nationwide action day against gambling addiction’ hosted on 27 September.

The authority detailed: “GGL is supporting this annual day of action by providing an information brochure in which all player protection measures of the GlüNeuRStv 2021 are presented in a consumer-friendly and clear manner.”

Coordinated by the GGL, the campaign will see Germany’s 16 Federal Bundeslander promote public awareness of player protection measures under the State Treaty on Gambling (GlüNeuRStv) of 2021.

GGL Co-Chief Executive, Ronald Benter, stated: “ It is important to us that the general public is informed about the legal regulations and that players can better assess which offers are illegal and which are legal, i.e. that they adhere to the strict rules for player protection.”

Safeguards promoted will include a cross-operator deposit limit (max €1000 per month), the option to set individual play limits, and no dual play allowed on multiple websites.

The campaign will further promote the use of the ‘panic button’ allowing customers to stop play for 24 hours, alongside the promotion of ‘OASIS’ – German gambling’s new federal self-exclusion scheme launched in August 2023.  

The GGL seeks to inform German consumers on the terms of playing online games which must “last on average at least five seconds before a new game can be started. After one hour there is a mandatory break of five minutes in which a maximum of €1 may be wagered per game.”