Christoffer Ødegården, Head of the Casino at Bojoko, takes a look at some of the lessons learned from the Canadian market compared to other regulated gaming jurisdictions.

He tells us about the importance of catering to different player bases and the ways in which online gambling companies can best retain players.

LotteryDaily: Could you share some key findings that Bojoko has acquired in the Canadian market?

: We have been able to see the difference very small tweaks to bonus offers and general attributes can make when it comes to attracting new players. If a casino offers a standard bonus of 100% up to a general amount they are not standing out, especially when players compare offers at affiliates such as ourselves. Simply increasing the bonus percentage for instance, it can be as little as up to 150% instead, has the direct consequence of more registrations and deposits.

Adding additional payment methods, including niche options, also tends to increase the number of new deposits. The reason for this is players have specific payment methods they want to make their deposit with, and if these are missing, you are likely to lose this player group. Additionally, curating a diverse range of games and designing a user-friendly website is key. 

My advice to Canadian casinos is to remember that a very large number of their users come through affiliates such as us, and that they should think about how to appeal to our users. 

It doesn’t even need to mean standing out, but simply being relevant. We have pages for all relevant aspects of the casino experience our users care about, from every payment method, every game provider, every bonus type, etc. and each of these pages has a list of casinos where our users can find what they are looking for. 

The more attributes you have, the more lists you are on, and the higher the chance is that our users will continue to your casino.

LotteryDaily: Can you provide more details about the specific bonus offerings that have been most appealing to players?

: Your readers will probably not be surprised to hear that players still flock to bonuses that do not require a deposit, such as free spins or bonus cash upon registration. 

While free spins offers have become rarer and rarer the demand is still high. Players are actively searching for related terms on search engines, and there is no sign that the interest is waning. We have a dedicated page helping players find casinos that offer free spins without requiring an offer, and as you might expect, the traffic and sign-ups are consistently high.

What has changed is that fewer and fewer Canadian casinos offer no deposit offers. The reason is understandable, but with low supply and high demand, any operator that takes the risk will be rewarded with much more interest for players than they would just a few years ago. 

The only thing they need to ensure is that the terms are fair to them, mitigating risk, and that there is a strong CRM in place to ensure that a solid portion of the players continue to use their casino.

Of course, free spins is not the only bonus offer that is certain to bring in players. As I mentioned earlier, simply choosing to stand out a little, such as changing your welcome bonus percentage from 100% to 150% will have an effect. That said, it is bonuses of 200% and higher that players really get excited about, and this does not actually change if the bonus amount is low.

LotteryDaily: How does Bojoko help Canadian players in discovering online casinos that suit their preferences?

: Bojoko assists Canadian players in finding their ideal online casinos through expert reviews and an intuitive filtering system. Our team meticulously evaluates various aspects of each casino, providing impartial and comprehensive information. From game selection to bonuses, customer support to payment options, our reviews cover all the essential details.

We understand that every player has unique preferences, so our reviews focus on highlighting what matters most to Canadian players. Through our advanced filtering options, players can effortlessly narrow down their choices based on specific criteria, such as new casinos, top-rated options, or casinos offering free spins. This empowers players to discover the perfect match for their preferences and requirements.

With Bojoko’s expert reviews, players can confidently explore the online casino landscape, armed with reliable and insightful information. We strive to be the trusted source for Canadian players, assisting them in making informed decisions and finding their ultimate gaming destination.

These discoveries have proven effective in capturing the interest of new players and fostering loyalty among existing ones. They contribute to the creation of a positive and immersive environment that resonates with players’ desires and preferences.