Arizona Lottery debuts Pollard Banknote-powered ‘Scratch & Scan’ instants

Arizona Lottery debuts Pollard Banknote-powered ‘Scratch & Scan’ instants
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The Arizona Lottery has partnered with Pollard Banknote on the release of its “unprecedented” new product line, ‘Scratch & Scan’.

Pledging “innovative technology and security”, the lottery’s scanACTIV Instants have launched with four game cards based on popular titles from its Scratchers portfolio, including $500 Loaded and Crossword at the $5 price point, and $50 or $100 and Instant Jackpot/Triple Red 777s at the $10 price point.

The game cards are positioned in-lane as well as at various locations throughout grocery stores and can be conveniently purchased at the checkout. When the cashier scans the card at the register, an outcome is assigned and the digital experience is ready to engage with. 

Scratching the game card reveals a QR code, which players can scan with a mobile device to access the digital game and reveal its outcome. The player then returns to retail with a redemption barcode to claim any winnings.

“The new Scratch & Scan product line offers our players a fun and unique way to purchase and play our games, while providing lottery retailers with a new opportunity to generate sales,” said Gregg Edgar, Executive Director, Arizona Lottery.

The technology powering this solution is underpinned by Pollard Banknote’s In-Lane Activation Platform (ILAP) and supported by InComm Payments, a leading payments technology company with direct connectivity to point-of-sale (POS) systems at various retailers across the country. 

This ILAP-InComm Payments integration facilitates new opportunities for lottery products to be merchandised unsecured at retail before their subsequent purchase and activation at the POS.

Edgar added: “Partnering with Pollard Banknote to leverage innovative new products like this allows the Arizona Lottery to continue to make significant financial contributions to state programmes that are important to Arizona communities, while providing players with an exciting new source of entertainment.”

Designed to cater to “increasingly diverse purchase preferences” at retail, the game cards are expected to make a meaningful impact on the lottery’s retail network and in-store presence at a variety of retailers throughout the state.

For Pollard Banknote, the launch represents another scratch ticket collaboration with a US lottery, following similar agreements struck with the Texas Lottery and the Minnesota Lottery earlier this year.

“The Arizona Lottery has proven once again that it is a trailblazer in the industry, introducing players to a unique play experience and unparalleled convenience with scanACTIV Instants,” said Krista Stepa-Ammeter, Director, Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote.

“This launch is the result of close collaboration with several partners, including InComm Payments and the Arizona Lottery. We value the trust the team has placed in us to bring its new product offering to life, and we look forward to its success in the market.”