Argentinian lotteries share strategies to fight illegal gambling

Representatives of the gambling authorities from Argentinian provinces held a meeting this week to discuss the next steps to fight illegal online gambling. 

In the second meeting from the Board of Directors of ALEA, the lotteries laid its foundations for a joint strategy against unauthorised operators in the country.

As the land-based industry in Argentina has been shut down since March, authorities claim that they’ve perceived an increase in illegal gambling, specifically in regards to lottery draws, bingos and sports betting.

The representatives shared different strategies that they can use to fight against the illegal activity: “We agreed that we need to continue working to prevent this crime by marketing and improving new payment methods and advertising. We also set an agenda to meet representatives of different internet and platform providers to come up with an agreement,” said ALEA.

As reported, they established “communication campaigns to prevent illegal online gambling,” which will be carried out through “internal working groups, meetings such as ALEA #LINKS, training and new campaigns.”

“We are moving in the right direction,” stated ALEA President Omar Galdurralde, who is also head of the Institute of Lottery and Casinos of the province of Buenos Aires (IPLyC), the gambling regulator from that jurisdiction.

Last week, Buenos Aires Deputy Ombudsman Walter Martello said that “illegal gambling is spreading throughout the country.” He reported that there are a number of authorities reconsidering a regulatory change to fight illegality.