EFCC recovers over 4.16 billion Naira in unpaid lottery revenues

Following on from the news that Sen. George Akume, the Nigerian Federal Government’s minister of special duties and intergovernmental affairs, created a task force to collect unpaid lottery revenue, it has been announced that over ₦4.16 billion (Naira) has been recovered by the commission.

Mohammed Umar Abbah, the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), disclosed the information on September 24, 2020 at the EFCC Headquarters. According to a report by EFCC, Abbah also highlighted that lottery companies operating in the country were ‘not forthcoming’  in remitting revenues hence the need for the commissions involvement. 

Abbah stated: “We mapped out strategies which resulted in the recovery of over N1.16 billion from lottery companies, operating in Abuja with over N3 billion from their counterparts, operating in Lagos State.”

Additionally the acting chairman also assured the task force created by Akume will be supported further to ensure that more revenues are delivered to the government’s treasury fund.

He added: “We are willing and ready to partner with you to ensure that lottery companies that have continuously shortchanged the government are made to cough out all the revenues they had deprived the government over the years.”

William Alo, the permanent secretary of the ministry of special duties and intergovernmental affairs, headed the ministerial task force and has since commended the EFCC for its efforts.

Alo commented: “Let me acknowledge the efforts of this Commission for the assistance it has rendered not only to the Federal Government of Nigeria but specifically to the lottery industry in Nigeria. It is in our record that the EFCC has assisted the lottery business in no small way, because a lot of recoveries have been made for us by the EFCC and the money recovered has always been handed over to the lottery trust fund.

“Our main purpose is to solicit for continuous collaboration and partnership, after all we are in the same line of business which is making sure that life is better for Nigerians.”