PRECIOUS 7’s Sparkle for Kentucky, U.S. Players  

The Kentucky Lottery Corporation in the United States recently launched PRECIOUS 7’s as a scratch ticket, an “Instant Play” eInstant game, and a Fast Play game with retail terminal-generated tickets. 

The traditional Collect Symbol Match play game with its gems, rocks, and jewels theme was designed by IGT to work seamlessly in both the digital and retail channels for a true omnichannel game experience.

Precious Inspiration

To create an exciting scratch ticket, IGT started with the PRECIOUS 7’s eInstants design and provided the Kentucky Lottery with traditional printing concepts, as well as the innovative Infinity Instants™ printing option. The Kentucky Lottery chose the visually appealing Infinity Instant ticket, with thrilling results for operator and players.  

IGT was excited to extend the PRECIOUS 7’s concept, which had its beginnings in a fun eInstant game, into new play experiences. IGT took inspiration from the selected Infinity Instants artwork to create the Kentucky Lottery’s PRECIOUS 7’s Fast Play ticket with a chance to win 2x and 3x the prize. A Fast Play ticket entitles the player to play a series of games with instant cash prizes and a rolling jackpot, which grows with every ticket sold and starts at US$10,000. The ticket also includes a callout and QR code that takes players straight to the PRECIOUS 7’s Instant Play digital eInstant game page. 

This cross-promotion opportunity was part of a robust marketing campaign with television advertising highlighting the multiple ways PRECIOUS 7’s can be purchased and played at retail, online, or via a player’s phone.
Highlights of the Q3 2023 Kentucky Lottery omnichannel launch include: 


  • PRECIOUS 7’s had the highest player count on the first day of launch for any eInstant game launch and was in the top five for the first three days of sales for all launched eInstant games. 
  • A one-day-only promotion for the PRECIOUS 7’s eInstant game on September 14, 2023, offering a chance to win bonus cash resulted in the second-highest day of players playing the game. 

Scratch Tickets 

  • PRECIOUS 7’s was the third best-selling scratch ticket in its first week on sale. 

Fast Play

  • Since launch, PRECIOUS 7’s has accounted for more than 21% of sales for the entire portfolio of Fast Play games, the most of any game in the portfolio. The US$10 price point (consisting of PRECIOUS 7’s and two other games) accounts for 39% of sales. 
  • Of the three US$10 price point games, PRECIOUS 7’s accounts for 54% of Fast Play sales. 
  • Strong PRECIOUS 7’s sales have also benefited from a progressive jackpot as high as US$775K. 

Putting it All Together

Bringing titles like PRECIOUS 7’s that are successful as eInstants to retail, and helping favorite retail games become available online, supports lotteries’ growth and ongoing relevance by delivering new player experiences. This includes proprietary, homegrown IGT brands and favorite licensed content. 

Best in class lotteries successfully offer players a truly holistic, immersive experience ─ one that is exciting and enjoyable both in store and online.Omni means all; all paths to engagement exist when lottery operators have opportunities to serve their players in all the ways that are meaningful to them. Thanks to IGT’s innovation with omnichannel games, lotteries worldwide can offer all things to all players.

IGT provides services to the Kentucky Lottery Corporation including iLottery Platform; iLottery eInstants; Lottery Gaming Systems; Central System; Instant Ticket Printing; Field Services; and Hotline.


To learn more about other digital games that can be developed for scratch tickets or Fast Play games, contact your IGT representative.