Allwyn UK has confirmed that Robert Chvátal has taken over as interim CEO as part of changes to its executive leadership ahead of a transformative period for the company as it prepares to take the reins of the UK National Lottery
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Allwyn has prepared guidelines for retail outlets ahead of its takeover of UK National Lottery operating duties, due to commence on 1 February next year.

The Czech-founded international lottery firm will contact retailers with instructions on how to electronically transfer their Retailer Agreements from Camelot – the current National Lottery operator – to Allwyn once the licence transition is complete.

This transfer must be completed by 18 December 2022, but Allwyn has stated that it will assist retailers throughout the process. Assistance includes an online portal where new Retailer Agreements can be read.

Allwyn’s Retail Director, Katharine Challinor, said: “Retailers will soon be hearing from us on how they can easily transfer their existing Retailer Agreement. Their Camelot Retail Sales Executive will also visit their store to guide them through the process and answer any questions they might have. 

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank National Lottery retailers for their continued support and the role they play in raising £30m every week for good causes across the UK.”

‍Allwyn aims to answer retailer questions around changes and the signing of new agreements via the portal during its visits to outlets, although information can still be accessed on the portal via smartphone, including a ‘how to’ video and written guides.

Key changes to the agreement include a name alteration requirement to show Allwyn as the new operator, ‘modernisation’ of some language, updates to conditions to align with legal changes around data protection and record keeping, and the merging of two separate terminal agreements in place with Camelot into one.

In preparation for National Lottery duties – having been officially awarded the 10-year licence by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in September 2022 – Allwyn has fully acquired the business of current licence holder Camelot.

Camelot has been the sole operator of the National Lottery since John Major’s government created the institution in 1994, having won all three of the licence contests until last year. 

After mounting a legal challenge against the UKGC’s decision, Camelot UK and its Camelot Lottery Systems (Camelot LS) supply network have now been fully acquired by Allwyn from the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board (OTTPB).

Ahead of the 1 February transfer, Allwyn and Camelot have set up a joint timeline for retailers. This includes the ongoing site surveys, carried out by Momentum In-store, which will continue until the end of September, and a series of pre-planned Lotto and EuroMillions event draws and National Lottery Christmas plans.