Finnish national lottery Veikkaus has expanded its instant game offering, adopting a new product developed by producer Bwloto.

The new release, Rähinärinki, takes a spin on ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, and the duo believe that it will provide an ‘exciting and engaging’ experience to Vekkaus’ players.

The game’s graphics had been developed to ‘reflect Finnish culture’ as Bwloto seeks to ‘meet the needs’ of customers in the country, making the product available across desktop, laptop and smartphone verticals. 

“We are thrilled to be part of the Veikkaus Game Family and to bring Rähinärinki to Finnish players,” said Bwloto CEO Ivar Unnthorsson

“We have worked closely with Veikkaus to create a game that is not only fun and engaging but also reflects Finnish culture, making it a truly unique and immersive experience.” 

Veikkaus’ move to further expand its product portfolio comes as the future of its state-backed monopoly over betting and gaming in Finland looks set to come to a close.

As it stands, the company is the only licenced operator permitted to allow lotteries, betting and gaming in Finland, but legislators are reportedly looking to overhaul the legislative framework and liberalise the market.

Although this would mean Veikkaus would have more competition, the company has been supportive of this course of action due to losing market share year-on-year to unlicensed overseas firms.