LOTTO24 opens up multiplayer access for Eurojackpot

teamwork, signifying LOTTO24's new multiplayer function
Image: Shutterstock

German online lottery provider LOTTO24 has confirmed its Eurojackpot game has been adapted to enable a multiplayer function.

In contrast to a classic syndicate in which users play together anonymously, a private syndicate can now be created and named by the players themselves. They can then invite their fellow players to the syndicate.

Each participant buys two Eurojackpot playing fields and chooses the numbers themselves. The more participants the syndicate has, the more playing fields are bet on – and the greater the chances are of winning.

Helmut Becker, CEO of ZEAL – the holding company of LOTTO24 – said: “Most games are more fun when you play them with friends – so why shouldn’t that also apply to lottery games? With the classic offline lottery at the kiosk, playing together with others is already common practice – but the organisational effort behind it is enormous for the players.

“With our ‘play with friends’ function, we want to adapt the joint lottery game for the digital world and offer our target group even more advantages through the greatly simplified process.

“We are pleased to be able to make it easier for our customers to share the lottery experience with friends and family.”

In order to use the new function, all players must be registered with a private betting company in the same federal state.

The stake and payment of any winnings are automated by LOTTO24, with prize money automatically divided equally among all participants in a winning syndicate.