European Lotteries lauds members after increase in community contributions

Money being shared, representing European Lotteries latest member report
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The European Lotteries has highlighted the importance of national lotteries and the role they play in society after revealing the extent of their assistance in 2021.

Publishing its EL Report on the Lottery sector in Europe 2021, the body paid tribute to the ‘new and innovative’ methods implemented by lotteries to provide regulated services for players in the face of the ‘economic, environmental and societal’ challenges presented by COVID.

In 2021 funds were channelled towards culture and heritage projects, sport, health, education, other funds for good causes and taxes for treasuries. The contribution to society by all EL Members reporting the category (67 in total) amounted to €20bn, an increase of 13% compared to 2020, and of 10% compared to 2019.

55.6% of the GGR generated by EL Members (not including sponsorships) went back to society in the respective countries. The 49 EL Members in the EU (that reported their contributions) amounted to €17.9bn, more than 12.6% compared to 2020 and 10.6% to 2019.

‘’In 2021 we saw a 5.1% higher contribution from EL Members to society, compared to the pre-COVID period of 2019,” said Arjan van ‘t Veer, European Lotteries Secretary General.

‘’This proves the important financial role that national lotteries play to society in times of need. Since the start of the pandemic, EL Members have continued to live up to their values and upheld their historic support to communities across Europe, while, at the same time, maintaining the highest level of integrity, responsibility, and consumer protection.’’

Meanwhile, sales for the three main categories of games (draw based, instant and sports games) by EL Members in the EU amounted to €89.7bn in 2021, showing a significant increase compared to COVID-impacted 2020 of 25.5%and 12.7% in comparison with 2019.