Spanish lotteries to undergo DGOJ marketing & sales review

Spanish lotteries to undergo DGOJ marketing & sales review
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The Directorate General for Gambling (DGOJ) will undertake a review into the Spanish lotteries ONCE and SELAE to unearth how their lottery games are marketed and sold to the public.

As stewards of Spain’s national lotteries, ONCE – the lottery for disabled people – and SELAE – the lottery for Spanish societies/charities – are allowed to authorise the sale of tickets and games via ‘public vendors’, encompassing cafes, restaurants and retail shops, among others.

Spanish lotteries differ from those found in other European nations, as customers purchase tickets with pre-printed numbers, participating in ballots to win a share of a community jackpot – rather than the single draw format, which rewards an individual winner. 

But concerns have recently been raised that the number of websites and online applications selling their games – as authorised vendors – is on the rise, with customer protection at the forefront of the study.

In response, the DGOJ is gathering feedback from Spanish media and public vendors on the ‘commercial marketing’ of ONCE and SELAE lottery games.

The DGOJ has underlined the importance of its consultation to ensure that Spanish lotteries are free from corruption and to protect Spanish consumers from fraud.

The consultation will be open to responses until March 31.