Mido Lotto launches in Montana amid rapid expansion plans

Mido Lotto launches app in Montana
Image: Shutterstock

Mido Lotto is pushing ahead with plans to accelerate its growth with the launch of its lottery app in Montana.

The third-party lottery app first came on the scene in 2020, working as an intermediary to allow customers to order official state lottery tickets from their smartphone.

Mido Lotto is currently operational in seven states – California, Massachusetts, Delaware, Oregon, Oklahoma, Connecticut and Arizona.

But the firm announced in July that it was planning to extend its operations to 10 states by the third quarter of 2022.

Montana has now been confirmed as one of the three new states, and Mido Lotto has celebrated its launch by giving all eligible residents a free lottery ticket.

Kevin Kramer, CEO and Founder of Mido Lotto, commented: “We’re thrilled to offer Montanans a safe, convenient and legitimate way to play lottery draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

“Since 1987, the Montana Lottery has funded important state programmes, and we’re excited to support these impactful giveback initiatives through incremental ticket sales.

“Mido Lotto attracts mobile customers who typically don’t play the lottery the way it’s currently offered, which means more contributions going to worthy causes such as public education, safety and health programmes.”

As part of its launch in Montana, Mido Lotto is identifying local causes and organisations throughout the state that it can support.

In Ennis, the app is partnering with both the Chamber of Commerce and the school district to identify the best giveback opportunities. 

“As the only Montana-based company offering lottery courier services, we’re highly invested in supporting local communities across the state,” added Kramer, who is an Ennis resident.

Adrienne Goldsworthy, Executive Director of the Ennis Chamber of Commerce, explained that her team is “working hand-in-hand with Mido Lotto’s Montana-based leadership on a roadmap to make a measurable impact for both local businesses and schools in our community.” 

Players can use the Mido Lotto app to send tickets as gifts, play with friends and instantly claim winnings up to $600.

For larger prize amounts, physical tickets are securely delivered to the player so they can collect their winnings at a claim centre in accordance with Montana state lottery regulations.

“Players no longer have to worry about missing a draw, misplacing a ticket or forgetting to claim winnings again,” added Rich Wheeler, President of Lottery Now, the company behind Mido Lotto.

“Now busy Montanans can enjoy the time-saving convenience of ordering tickets from anywhere in the state – and not miss being a part of the excitement the lottery brings.

“We’re looking forward to some big winners in Montana.”