LOTTO24 & ZEAL Network SE strengthen partnership with ntv product portfolio deal

LOTTO24 & ZEAL Network SE agree product portfolio deal
Image: Shutterstock

ZEAL Network SE has joined forces with its subsidiary LOTTO24 to launch the online lottery provider’s product portfolio on, the website of the German television news channel.

The move will enable players to participate in state lotteries via LOTTO24’s products in the ntv web shop, which can also be played on the 1&1 portals WEB.DE and GMX.

It follows July’s announcement that the firm had linked up with the German-Argentine actor Sky du Mont to produce a nationwide television campaign.

LOTTO24 also redesigned its website with a ‘modern retro look’ last month in an attempt to ‘underline the digital orientation of the brand.’

“We at ZEAL want to give our customers the best lottery experience possible, wherever they are in the online world,” said Paul Dingwitz, CTO and Executive Board Member at ZEAL Network SE.

“We are therefore very pleased to have found a great partner in ntv, who has an innovative news concept that has a large reach to their target market.

“We are looking forward to all upcoming joint projects in the coming years.” 

Zeal’s announcement of the deal further cites the prominence of its new partner to the strategic partnership portfolio it shares with LOTTO24, adding that it ‘systematically’ expands their reach and specifically addresses a ‘highly educated target group with an affinity for news’.

It marks another significant move involving a ZEAL Network SE subsidiary this month after myLotto24 emerged victorious in its court case with the tax authority (Finanzamt) Hannover-Nord.