theLotter shares ‘massive’ Australia and Texas orders ahead of MegaMillions rollover

Image: Shutterstock

theLotter has reported immense intrigue around tonight’s American MegaMillions draw following last week’s rollover which has seen the jackpot rise to $790m.

The online lottery provider has issued updates from two key strands of the organisation – theLotter Texas and theLotter Australia.

According to the former, Texans have been inundating theLotter Texas website with orders of their tickets for Tuesday’s draw.

“These sorts of jackpot amounts remind us all of the glory days of 2016 and 2018,” said Peggy Daniel, theLotter’s US Managing Director.

“First, in January of 2016, Powerball rose to $1.6bn. That sum was scooped up and divided up by 3 ticket holders in Florida, California, and Tennessee. Mega Millions itself set a record in October 2018 when a single player in South Carolina won the $1.5bn jackpot, making it the largest ever single win in US lottery history.”

Meanwhile, theLotter Australia, recently licensed by the Northern Territory Government, only launched a few months ago (and further launched its lottery messenger website earlier this month), but is also reporting a ‘massive’ number of orders ahead of the draw.

“If the AU$1.14bn ($790m) Mega Millions jackpot isn’t won tonight, it is set to rise towards the AU$1.5bn ($1bn) mark,” said Kelly Signell, Director of theLotter’s Australian operations.

“And there is no reason why it couldn’t be won by an Australian this time.”