Kentucky Lottery clinches record-breaking fiscal year with 5.7% sales growth

Kentucky Lottery
Image: Shutterstock

The Kentucky Lottery has confirmed a record-breaking fiscal year in 2021/22, where the company chalked up $1.7bn in sales.

The achievement was forecast by CEO Mary Harville last month when the lottery announced its YTD sales (July-May) totalled $1.54bn, $85.6m (5.9%) more than the same period last year.

Now, following the end of the fiscal year’s final month in June, it has been revealed that sales have increased by $90.2m (5.7%) over FY2021.

Harville commented: “The funds we generate go straight back to the Commonwealth to pay for college scholarship and grant programs, including every dime of the popular KEES scholarship ever awarded.

“One in five Kentuckians have now received a college scholarship or grant that was paid for directly when someone bought a Kentucky Lottery ticket, and I think the public appreciates knowing how these proceeds directly benefit people in their communities.”

Increased sales ensured the award of more prizes in FY2022 than in any other period of the Kentucky Lottery’s 33-year history. Players won $1.2bn across the year, an increase of $84.6m (7.9%) from FY2021.

Additionally, total cash transfers to the Commonwealth amounted to $360.8m in FY2022, a rise of $6m (1.7%) on the previous fiscal year.