IGT offers up latest systems in new Harrington Raceway & Casino deal

Image: Shutterstock

Global lottery and gaming firm IGT has signed a multi-year deal with Harrington Raceway and Casino to provide its newest technology apparatus to the casino firm.

The multi-product systems technology agreement will allow Harrington to upgrade its gaming floor by deploying the latest IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system, while players will also benefit from IGT’s TournXtreme tournament technology. This will enable them to quickly shift gaming machines between cash-in and tournament modes.

Additionally, IGT’s Mobile Host and Mobile Responder systems apps will help to increase Harrington’s performance and productivity through real-time slot floor incident updates that are delivered directly to a personal mobile device.

Mark Schrecengost, Harrington Raceway and Casino General Manager, commented: “IGT ADVANTAGE has been the backbone of our casino for many years, and we’re excited to enter a new era of our systems partnership with IGT via solutions that will help us boost productivity and service, elevate our guests’ play and loyalty and position us for growth.”

M5, IGT’s HTML-based service window content management tool, will enable the casino to offer personalised in-game offers, bonuses and rewards, while a Bonus Box, comprising of a ‘comprehensive’ bonusing application bundle that includes new bonuses such as Lucky Coin, Slot Lotto and Lucky Draw, will also be provided.

“The combination of IGT systems products that Harrington Raceway and Casino will deploy on its gaming floor can quickly make a positive impact on casino productivity and guest satisfaction,” added Ryan Reddy, IGT SVP Global PMM VLT, Systems, Video Poker and Payments.

“By deploying multiple IGT systems solutions concurrently, Harrington Raceway and Casino can achieve peak value from their systems investment, operate with agility and seamlessly adopt new and emerging gaming trends in the future.”