Ghana takes ‘major step’ in fight to regulate lottery industry

Ghana National Lottery Authority
Image: Shutterstock

The National Lottery Authority has issued licences to 16 private lottery operators as Ghana seeks to ‘sanitise’ the industry.

As reported by MyJoyOnline, a meeting was held last week between board members of the NLA and its Director General, Sammi Awuku, to consider whether to issue licences to ‘banker-to-banker’ operators, enabling them to operate without fear of intimidation and harassment from the police.

​​“It’s the first major step in sanitising the lottery industry in Ghana,” Awuku explained.

“We have in excess of over 300 entities operating illegally and 120 companies started the process to be regularised, but only 20 operators have now been certified after going through the rigorous and elaborate process.”

16 companies have been licenced under the 2006 National Lotto Act (Act 722), while two have also been licenced under the 2012 Veterans Administration Act (Act 844).

Among those to be awarded a licence are the Glovita Lottery, Accurate Giant and Wulucky Ghana.

However, over 200 firms failed to meet the criteria and Awuku has announced that the police and NLA task force will now be prosecuting and arresting these unlicensed operators.

“This week, the NLA task force will be on the lookout,” Awuku warned.

“We will confiscate equipment and items if you are operating illegally. Some have already been arrested and others are also before court.”

Awuku has urged customers to work with the licensed operators while advising the operators themselves to comply with the regulations guiding the licence.

Meanwhile, Francis Albert Seth Nyonyo, Board Chairman of the NLA, believes the licensing of these companies will aid the authority to create employment opportunities for young people.

“This will increase our revenue as NLA. That’s not all, we will be able to employ more people and also develop our infrastructure across the country,” Nyono said.