Traditional lottery products can be a great way of engaging with players, but rolling out fresh content that includes new and innovative features can help operators to reach a broader demographic of lottery players. That’s according to Vasilis Neiadas, VP Business Development (ex CEO OPAP Greece), and Konstantinos Ladas, Chief Operations Officer, at Koun Gaming. 

In an interview with Lottery Daily, Neiadas and Ladas give us some insight into some of the company’s plans in 2022, explaining how Koun Gaming plans to disrupt the lottery sector with its Numo and QikPik games.

Lottery Daily: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! For those that might not know, can you tell us a few things about Koun Gaming? 

Well, Koun Gaming is a new company aiming to revolutionise the lottery industry. As you may already know, numerical lottery products and games used by lottery operators (usually state lotteries in monopolistic environments) are obsolete. 

Basically, their main lottery products are Lotto and Lotto variations (Euromillions, Megamillions etc), Bingo and Keno. Our aim is to disrupt this part of the gaming industry, by implementing fresh and innovative lottery products. We have already developed QikPik and Numo, which we believe will change the lottery scene and bring in the younger generations to lottery operators. 

Lottery Daily: Do you consider yourself a leader in the lottery field? 

It is still very early for us to think of ourselves as leaders in this field, since Koun Gaming was established as recently as 2021. Our ultimate goal is to take the lead and we are convinced we can achieve it.

Lottery Daily: You recently announced the launch of your new lottery online game, NUMO. What can players expect from this? 

Both our games, Numo and QikPik, offer a unique experience for players, given that they both offer the following features: rapid scheduled draws, guaranteed round prizes – there is always a winner – dynamic paytable, slot style jackpots, multi draw option and jackpot statistics.

Lottery Daily: In your opinion, what is the USP of your games? 

First and foremost, we offer lottery games that no other company offers. Lottery operators have a very limited supply of games, which consist of the traditional lottery products we mentioned above. Therefore, we provide lottery operators with fresh and innovative options. 

The hybrid mechanics of these games assist in broadening all game demographics (lottery, slot and casino players of all ages). The main advantage is that we give the chance to lottery operators to bring in new young customers to their platforms, who are more active online. 

Lottery Daily: Does the operator or the regulator have the ability to choose and apply his parametric requirements that are necessary for the legal compliance and customer satisfaction of each country?

Definitely, yes. We offer a turnkey solution according to the operators’ or regulators’ needs. We can easily calibrate the time between draws, the min/max ticket prices, the amounts of Jackpots (fixed or pool), the mathematics and the front end.

Lottery Daily: Finally, what can we expect from Koun Gaming in the near future? 

As already mentioned, we aim to be a leader in the lottery space. An integral part to achieve this goal is our strategic partnership with EveryMatrix with whom we have a distribution agreement ensuring an efficient distribution to operators. 

We are planning to develop more exciting games in the near future, which will provide the lottery operators with more tools to expand their audience. We want to help lottery operators create a new era for lottery games that will be more appealing to players, increase their market share and therefore be able to give back to communities.  Constant team development is of high priority to us to achieve this. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Koun Gaming….