Pollard Banknote congratulates Ohio Lottery on PAC-MAN scratch-off ticket launch

The Ohio Lottery has announced its results for the end of the fiscal year which allowed $1.36bn (£949.2m) to be given to the Lottery Profits Education Fund.
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Pollard Banknote Limited has congratulated the Ohio Lottery for the successful launch of its new PAC-MAN scratch-off ticket.

Under licence from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc, the Buckeye State lottery launched a $2 scratch-off ticket and a $2 EZPLAY game featuring the iconic arcade character. During a five-week sale period, the ticket has sold 64% better than other $2 games since 2018 and is the lottery’s top-performing $2 EZPLAY game since its introduction.

Tom Ackerman, Assistant Director, Office of Marketing, Ohio Lottery, commented: “We are always looking for appealing new games to offer our players, and with the launch of our PAC-MAN scratch-off ticket, EZPLAY game and second chance promotion, we have delivered a winning combination of a player-favourite arcade game and engaging experiences.

“We enjoyed collaborating with Pollard Banknote to develop this exciting new scratch-off ticket and look forward to continuing to offer the very best games to our players, ultimately benefitting education in the state.”

The launch of the PAC-MAN scratch-off ticket is supported by a second chance drawing promotion via the lottery’s MyLotto Rewards program.

All non-winning PAC-MAN scratch-offs and EZPLAY tickets are eligible to be entered into a draw for a chance to win a PAC-MAN arcade machine and accessories, two $2,500 gift cards, and one of 10 video game consoles with games. The lottery also introduced a free-to-play PAC-MAN interactive game, where players can win a weekly prize of a book of PAC-MAN scratch-off tickets.

To generate additional player engagement, the lottery held a successful Facebook live event, where over 5,000 people participated and answered PAC-MAN-related trivia to win prizes.

The lottery also developed point-of-sale displays, extensive online advertising, as well as radio and TV promotions, featuring a PAC-MAN character to boost awareness of the new scratch-off ticket.

Brad Thompson, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing at Pollard Banknote, added: “We are thrilled to see the results that the Ohio Lottery is having with their PAC-MAN scratch-off ticket. Many lotteries throughout North America have experienced great success launching tickets featuring licensed brands from our popular Retro Collection.

“When the timeless appeal of PAC-MAN is combined with entertaining gameplay, appealing ticket art, fun promotional events and exciting second chance opportunities, it is no surprise that the Ohio Lottery is experiencing similar success.”

Ohio Lottery’s $2 PAC-MAN scratch-off (CNW Group/Pollard Banknote Limited)