Loteria del Chubut relaunches game and ensures prize payments

The Institute of Social Assistance of Chubut in Argentina has carried out the relaunch of its Telebingo Chubutense game.
Image source: Shutterstock

The Institute of Social Assistance (IAS) of the Argentine province of Chubut carried out this week the relaunch of its Telebingo Chubutense game, which will pay 100% of all promoted prizes.

In a press conference that took place in the draw room of the body that regulates gambling in Chubut, the President of the IAS Luis María Aguirre commented that “the relaunch of our emblem game has some changes in its winning possibilities and its award structure.”

According to Diario La Portada, Aguirre said that another important launch is the game called “Lotería del Chubut pays your rent for one year”, in which non-winning tickets can access another draw and win up to $270 per month.

“This draw will be held from April to December for all non-winning tickets, and rent will be paid by the agency for a period of one year,” said Aguirre.

Furthermore, the IAS President also announced that the Chubut lottery will be the first in Argentina to guarantee the payment of the entire value of the prizes. “This is very good and important since there are always complaints when the winner collects the prize and sees all discounts applied,” he explained.

“Now, we are going to cover those discounts, so [they should know] that if they win money, they will receive the entire prize. That will happen starting from May with this innovation we’re carrying out.”

Additionally, Games Manager Walter Pereyra highlighted that in 2021 there will be four extraordinary games in May, June, October and December to celebrate different Holidays and important national dates.