Lottery software provider Spinola Gaming has announced that US lottery operators and software solution providers have started discussions to utilise its Connex lottery management system and its portfolio of games to upgrade their digital platforms.

Players across the United States will soon be able to play 70+ of the biggest lottery games from across the world, along with a portfolio of digitised scratch cards and instant games via its new US partners.

The company’s lottery management system, Connex, was a key factor behind US operators’ and providers’ interest in the discussions.

Discussions began when retail lottery operators were forced to shut down because of COVID-19. With some states still not holding an online lottery management system to cater to their audience’s needs, it was a question of adapt to the situation or find other means of operations.

MarketWatch stated back in November: “The market is driven by the integration of lottery systems, increasing demand for high productivity and reduced turnaround time among end-users, and significant adoption of Lottery in education and training. In addition, the integration of lottery systems is anticipated to boost the growth of the market as well.”

Evidence of this can be seen with the Atlantic Lottery, which achieved record-breaking digital sales during the pandemic. The lottery operator’s platform increased by more than 500% over the same period in the prior year, while gross gaming revenue also saw a record-breaking 200% year-on-year increase.

Thomas Mahoney, COO of Spinola Gaming, said: “The growing interest in the US for online lottery management systems and global lottery access, with operators and lottery entities getting in touch with a platform like ourselves shows that online lottery games are now a product their end-users need.

“We expected to see a strong level of growth during this period, although we didn’t expect to see this amount of interest. We are always looking to improve our platform for our clients in any way we can, and we continue to listen for feedback from our current clients in order to do so.”