The Argentine State Lottery Association (ALEA) has reached a new partnership with local e-commerce technology giant MercadoLibre to avoid transactions involving unlicensed gaming and betting operators. The agreement also includes the group’s payment solution Mercado Pago.

“It’s about preventing the Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago sites from being used to carry out unauthorized online gambling and igaming transactions,” ALEA explained.

In addition, the Argentinian company incorporated in the United States has agreed to “exchange information, technical knowledge and experiences related to the sale of products or gambling services from illegal operators.”

The agreement is part of ALEA’s attempt to stop the proliferation of illegal gambling during the lockdown. “ALEA members come together today to discuss the existence of illegal gambling in numerous jurisdictions,” it said.

“[Some people] take advantage of this lockdown to increase their illegal businesses that not only don’t contribute to the State as they don’t pay taxes, but also fail to protect players or guarantee prizes.”

The national lottery organization celebrated this new step towards the fight against illegal gambling with the local partner Mercado Libre: “The commitment and social responsibility of this company was obvious, and it had a multidisciplinary technical team available from the start.

“It showed with specific actions its active collaboration to detect and immediately interrupt actions carried out by third parties that did not comply with the betting regulations,” ALEA detailed.