The lottery sector has been given a prominent airing in the latest issue of SBC Magazine, the 11th since launch. Jari Vähänen, formerly of Veikkaus and now a Partner at The Finnish Gambling Consultants OY, looks at lottery companies which have expanded their offerings beyond the traditional products and how they have fared much better than those who have stuck solely with their core business.

Quoted during the recent SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital, Vähänen highlighted some of the key areas in which traditional lotteries have been forced to adapt.

“Lotteries have made big changes in three areas,” he explained. “Firstly, they have expanded the product portfolio into other areas not just lotteries. 

“European lotteries for example are selling other products such as Veikkaus that now sell all gambling products. Lotteries who have expanded their product range have managed quite well, better than those who have stayed solely in the lottery business. It is important, however, that companies remember products and customer service remains at a high level.

“Secondly, some lotteries have expanded their operations to other business areas such as technology. Personally, I don’t know if this is good. And third is that I’ve noticed lotteries have traditionally operated as a monopoly in one country. But now they are expanding into other countries. This might make sense if they can utilise scalability in the business.”

Elsewhere in the magazine, which can be read HERE, former William Hill CEO Ralph Topping reflects on his journey from a part-time cashier in one of Glasgow’s independent betting shops to the boardroom of William Hill. 

And with big developments still ongoing, the US sector remains one to watch as SBC Magazine examines the gold rush to capitalize on the $35bn market, ties to the stock market and the rise to prominence of the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

Sticking with the US, Playtech’s chief operating officer Shimon Akad asks whether the tipping point has been reached in the post-PASPA era for suppliers, as much as it has for operators, and the importance of supplier cooperation. 

Moving south to the Latin American market, discussions turn to why the continent needs to look beyond football and instead consider the betting opportunities available for boxing, tennis, greyhound and horse racing.

The casino section of the magazine begins by asking the question ‘What’s the best way to spend £100m?’, focusing on whether the research, education and treatment service industry is capable of efficiently using the investment from operators.

Sports sponsorships are one of the hot topics discussed in our marketing section as we address the potential ban on gambling advertising and the creative strategies that operators may use to maintain and grow their brand identity. 

And for everyone holding on to the hope of life going back to normal in the near future, the magazine reveals details of five physical events that SBC has scheduled throughout 2021.