OPAP meets CSR objective with hospital renovation

Greek gaming operator OPAP has announced the completion of a major corporate social responsibility initiative following the renovation of Athens’ Aghia Sofia children’s general hospital. 

The modernisation of Aghia Sofia’s children’s ward was first announced as a core CSR project by OPAP in 2018, with the betting group taking full responsibility for the funding of the renovation of Athens largest paediatric unit from Athens municipal government. 

Last week, Athens public health ministry unveiled the Aghia Sofia’s new ward which is equipped with a new cardiology unit of 20-beds. Additionally, the facility has been further modernised with electromechanical installations and new air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

Extensive colour and decorative interventions were also added, which in turn have created a pleasant health environment for its child patients.

OPAP Group CEO Jan Karas commented on developments: “At OPAP, we are very proud of our ambitious initiative for the complete renovation of the two largest paediatric hospitals in Greece. This project is at the heart of our commitment to social contribution and is a big part of our corporate responsibility strategy.

“To date, we have completed the renovation of both hospitals by 82%. In total, we have delivered 26 renovation projects, which support hundreds of thousands of children, their parents and hospital staff. Our work does not stop here, of course, as we continue and remain committed to the complete renovation of the two hospitals.”

OPAP also disclosed further good news for Greek public health services, stating that it would complete its renovation of the Panagiotis & Aglaia Children’s ward shortly, a youth project announced in 2018.