GLMS strengthens Canadian Hub with double acquisition

The Global Lottery Monitoring System has announced the acquisition of two new Analysis Monitoring Coordinators, Benoit Borsato and Chris Yaakoubian, thus building on the recent launch of its Canadian Hub. 

The pair, who will form part of the Loto-Quebec based centre, share years of experience between them, with Borsato arriving from a Canadian banking establishment and Yaakoubian transferring in from GLMS’ Montreal Hub. 

During his time employed within the banking sector, Borsato acquired experience working specifically in the anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism activities department. Prior to that, the new GLMS acquisition also previously worked in real estate as a broker and manager, and also spent three years at the Olympique Lyonnais academy and in the 4th French division.

Moreover, Borsato also aided in the creation of a football club with two senior teams and an academy for young players. 

A GLMS statement read: “Benoît will now combine his job and his passion with one main objective : protecting the integrity of sports. He is a regular golf player and also absolutely passionate about baseball, basketball, American football and (mandatory in Montréal) ice hockey.”

Regarding the second acquisition, Yaakoubian joined the GLMS team as a monitoring and analysis coordinator in the Montreal Hub in early 2020 having previously spent three years at Mise-O-Jeu (Quebec’s sport betting platform) as an analyst tending to activities such as risk management, handicapping and betting offers.

With two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Actuarial Sciences and the other in finance specialised Business, Yaakoubian’s experience and background in mathematics is now expected to be a valuable asset throughout his future with GLMS.

A statement from the group added: “[Yaakoubian] has a very high level of passion, knowledge and interest in all the major North American sports leagues. Integrity and credibility is of the utmost importance to him in order to preserve the purity of sports.

“The recruitment will support and increase the expertise for the operational teams, ensuring optimal activity 24/7 for GLMS members and for the integrity of sport. We are delighted to have Chris and Benoit join the GLMS family!”