Colombia’s Loteria del Valle strengthens its sales channels

Nearly two months after reopening lottery services in Colombia, the Loteria del Valle is trying to recover its normal operations. According to the Manager of the Beneficencia del Valle, Rubén Felipe Lagarejo, they have “turned difficulties into great opportunities and we are reinventing ourselves”.

Draws restarted on May 13 and, according to Lagarejo, this has allowed them to recover. “It’s very important because it allows us to fulfill our mission, which is transferring resources to the health sector, especially in these difficult times when hospitals need resources during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the manager to Diario Occidente.

One of the strategies carried out to strengthen operations after the suspension caused by the virus has been to promote digital channels to sell products such as Loticolombia and Lottired.

Although operations haven’t reached their maximum capacity, since elderly vendors are more vulnerable and therefore are included in the ‘at risk’ category, the major network of physical distribution channels allows the Loteria del Valle to offer multiple direct points of sale.

“We have some difficulties with those vendors who are currently in quarantine because their age makes it difficult for them to be outside,” he said, and added that Beneficencia is providing help to protect them during the lockdown.

In addition, as part of the campaign to revitalize the lottery, the entity will print new designs for its tickets, starting on July 1. They aim to pay tribute to athletes from Valle del Cauca.

Lagarejo also revealed that the prize plan has changed, which sets the biggest jackpot at approximately $1m, with more than $3m in total. “We redistributed our prize plan because we knew we weren’t going to have the same number of traditional sales.”

“My message to all the valleucanos and Colombians is that they should continue betting on the health of the department, keep keeping all the vendors who depend on this beautiful activity. Every Wednesday, when the draws take play, don’t forget to buy tickets.”