Scientific Games partners with AppsFlyer for US engagement

Scientific Games has teamed up with analytics platform AppsFlyer on a project aimed at supporting lotteries across the US.

The project will help optimise lottery digital ad campaigns by collecting data from social media channels, search engines and mobile and web apps to enhance player acquisition strategies. 

Offered through Scientific Games’ SG Digital Academy initiative, the project will run for a total of six months, and will see state lotteries partnering with AppsFlyer to obtain extensive insights into their digital advertising, as well as a comprehensive view of consumer analytics across services offered by the likes of Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

AppsFlyer’s partnership portfolio additionally includes companies like Walmart, HBO, Etsy and JPMorgan Chase, providing them with tools to better measure the impact of their end-to-end marketing initiatives. 

Carolyn Bao, AppsFlyer VP of Marketing, said: “Working alongside analytical, innovative partners like Scientific Games gets to the core of why we do what we do at AppsFlyer.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Scientific Games’ participating lottery customers to empower their growth and provide them with real-time marketing analytics and actionable insights. Their use of a wide range of AppsFlyer solutions will help optimise their player acquisition efforts and campaign performance across multiple channels.”

All participating lotteries will gain access to AppsFlyer’s platform that builds up additional avenues for player acquisition, campaign performance real-time reviews, and player behaviour analytics – combined with the digital tools that SG Digital Academy offers. 

Merv Huber, Vice President of Digital Growth for Scientific Games, added: “In a competitive advertising environment, lotteries must make the most of their budgets and resources to grow responsibly and maximise revenue for their good cause programs. 

“Understanding every aspect of the consumer journey is key to player acquisition. SG Digital Academy’s partnership with AppsFlyer will help participating lotteries make informed, data-driven decisions about their digital ad campaigns and ultimately grow their player base.”