Peru appoints Yuri Padilla to lead Directorate of Gambling

MINCETUR – The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru has announced the appointment of Yuri Guerra Padilla as the new President of the General Directorate of Gambling (DGJCMT).

On Monday, MINCETUR informed media that it had terminated the tenure of Eduardo Sevilla Echevarría as President of the General Directorate, providing no reasons for the incumbent’s dismissal.

His replacement, Padilla, has worked as a principal advisor to MINCETUR on projects related to Peru’s IT security systems and infrastructure for telecommunications engineering.

2023 proceedings saw MINCETUR charged with taking ownership of Peruvian gambling’s licensing controls and financial supervision of licensed operators – as instructed by President Dina Boluarte.

Changes in the governance of Peruvian gambling were allowed following congress’ authorisation of multiple amendments to the Peru Gambling Law of 1999.

Amendments were authorized on the grounds of updating Gambling Law articles to optimize tax collection, prevent money laundering, promote responsible gambling, and ensure a local presence for all businesses involved in Peruvian gambling activities. Provided a new remit, MINCETUR has tripled Gambling Law license costs to S/ 3m (€750,000) for new and established online gambling operators.

MINCETUR is yet to provide details on the reorganization of the Directorate of Gambling as the principal inspectorate of Peruvian licensed gambling operators on market supervision and conduct.

As reported by SBCNoticias: “Peruvian operators already have some knowledge of the new director of the entity since he was in charge of explaining the new technical and regulatory framework to actors in the sector in meetings held in recent months.”