Netherlands ask for public feedback on gambling deposit limits

Dutch National Postcode Lottery and Friends Lottery face KSA penalties

The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security’s draft proposal for online player deposit limits. 

The draft rules propose a maximum monthly deposit limit of €150 for all players aged between 18 and 23, and €350 for everyone aged over 24 – with the option to increase those limits only after an agreement has been reached by a player and a trained member from an operator’s staff.

The goal being to reduce online gambling harm, the Ministry estimates that around 15% to 35% of new players will try to increase their base limit. 

Another proposed safety net to break up potential harmful behaviour includes the addition of pop-up messages during each game session. These messages will contain information on the player’s time spent within the game, as well as a reminder of their deposit limit – circulated every 30 minutes. An additional notification will be sent out when the player reaches 50% of the set limit. 

Licensed operators must also follow strict procedures to remain ‘neutral’ in the player’s choice of setting a deposit limit, abstaining from offering any pre-entered amounts or promotional offers when players interact with the input fields.

Amendments are also suggested to the currency index for all bets, winnings and losses, with operators having to display amounts only in Euros – with the exception of some poker games where values can also be given in US dollars. 

The consultation over the proposed changes will be open until 3 April. The Ministry of Justice and Security states that since the first licences for online gambling were handed out back in October 2021, some 826,000 Dutch citizens currently possess an active account with a licenced operator. 

Moreover, according to the Ministry, 31% of those accounts have exhibited behaviours that fall into the criteria of “moderate-to-high-risk gambler”.