Allwyn to deepen social value & impact of National Lottery

Allwyn UK has a ‘new bold vision’ for the National Lottery, as it takes on the duty of raising money for good causes across the UK and making a difference in the lives of ordinary people.

As of 1 February, Allwyn assumes stewardship of the National Lottery, taking over the UK government’s multi-billion-pound contract supporting charities, heritage projects, and cultural initiatives across the UK.

For the first time in its 30-year history, The National Lottery is changing operating companies. Allwyn aims to build on the legacy that has seen over £48bn contributed to 700,000 community, sport, arts, and heritage projects.

Today, Allwyn outlined its principal objectives in its role as the new steward, committing to invest significantly to revamp the National Lottery’s products, services, and operations to create a stronger bond with consumers.

SBC News Allwyn begins bold revamp of National Lottery for benefit of good causes
Justin King – Allwyn UK

Justin King (CBE), Chair of Allwyn UK, said: “We are thrilled to become the new operator of The National Lottery. It is a privilege and a responsibility that we take incredibly seriously. Over the next 10 years, our commitment is to increase returns to National Lottery-funded projects and build a legacy of change for good.”

The leadership team at Allwyn has declared that the National Lottery’s new strategy will vividly demonstrate how the lottery changes lives daily.

The revamp will commence with a new nationwide marketing campaign from 1 February, promoting The National Lottery’s cornerstone game, Lotto, with the message ‘Will you be next?’ — highlighting how, on average, Lotto creates two millionaires a week.

Beyond marketing, enhancing the high street presence has been identified as a key priority for the new National Lottery to engage customers. With over 40,000 retailers involved, Allwyn plans to expand their retail footprint.

This expansion will include improved sales support, heightened marketing efforts, the introduction of new points of sale, and substantial upgrades to the technology infrastructure, supported by Vodafone‘s mobile network. Allwyn has also committed to a 50% increase in the team that supports retailers.

SBC News Allwyn begins bold revamp of National Lottery for benefit of good causes
Andria Vidler – Allwyn UK

Andria Vidler, CEO of Allwyn UK, added: “Starting Thursday, we begin the important process of enhancing The National Lottery for the benefit of future generations. It will be a journey that takes time but will be marked by many incredible milestones along the way, offering us more opportunities to reflect on all the good that comes from it. 

“This year is particularly significant, coinciding with the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 30th birthday of The National Lottery. We want the birthday year, and the decade that follows, to be filled with unmissable and unforgettable moments for an increasing number of people in a variety of ways.”

Allwyn is committed to a comprehensive technological overhaul to revitalise the National Lottery, transitioning it to a new, advanced technology platform developed in partnership with Scientific Games.

The overhaul is expected to enrich the gaming experience for players, emphasising the use of data to promote responsible gaming practices — as part of which the National Lottery seeks to become a world leader in safer gambling disciplines.

Identified as its ‘bedrock’, Allwyn is deepening the National Lottery’s social value by pledging to ring-fence £1m of its profits annually for social initiatives.

From the start of its tenure, Allwyn is committed to creating a net-zero National Lottery and ensuring it is inclusive and accessible to all communities.

SBC News Allwyn begins bold revamp of National Lottery for benefit of good causes
Stuart Andrew – DCMS

Stuart Andrew MP,  DCMS Minister for Sport, Gambling, and Civil Society, said: “People across the country have been playing The National Lottery for almost 30 years, and it will continue to be one of the nation’s favourite pastimes.

“Allwyn’s new licence will enable The National Lottery to fund additional important initiatives through its commitment to raising millions more pounds for good causes.

“From mental health services and preserving heritage and the arts to supporting our Olympians and Paralympians, The National Lottery will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of millions.”