Denmark launches public information site on gambling

Spillemyndigheden, the Gambling Authority of Denmark, has launched the new website StyrPå to provide the Danish public with information related to gambling and compulsive gaming.

StyrPå will serve as the Danish gambling public information portal, gathering all information related to Denmark’s land-based, lottery, and online gambling sectors.

Additionally, the website will feature informative content designed for parents, teachers, and caregivers to inform young audiences about safer gambling practices and how to spot compulsive behaviours.

Spillemyndigheden detailed, “Primary and lower secondary school teachers can also find teaching materials that can be used directly from the website. The material is aimed at students aged 13-15.”

StyrPå will also host the podcast “Vi snakker om spillet” (“We talk about the game”), developed by Spillemyndigheden, to provide audiences with the lived experience of people who have suffered from gambling addiction and its impacts on loved ones.

The launch of StyrPå is part of new initiatives set by the Danish government’s ‘2023-to-2025 strategy’ to reduce problem gambling rates.

2023 developments saw the government impose mandatory player-ID verifications across all land-based gambling venues. As such, Danish consumers can only enter gambling venues with a national ‘Københavns Kommunes’ ID card.

From 1 October, Denmark’s self-exclusion scheme ROFUS was extended to cover all land-based gambling venues as well as online, with all new registrants in the system blocked from betting at brick-and-mortar betting shops.