Nederlandse Loterij seeks flying start for Innovations Lab

Nederlandse Loterij

Nederlandse Loterij has launched its Innovation Lab, calling on “entrepreneurs and creative thinkers to future proof the Dutch Lottery”.

The state-owned gambling group launched its new technology initiative this week, which will be overseen by Collin Mous, Head of Strategy and Innovation for Nederlandse Loterij.

The Innovation Lab features a grants scheme which will reward entrepreneurs €25,000 to develop pilot solutions to help Nederlandse Loterij operations and improve the commercial offering of the Dutch Lottery.

Applicants were informed: “Nederlandse Loterij challenges visionaries to come up with solutions to challenges faced by the Dutch Lottery. When someone has a solution for such a challenge, that person receives a budget to develop a prototype or pilot.”

Areas of focus include the development of new protective measures to ensure that Nederlandse Loterij products do not encourage excessive gambling.

Qualified projects will be tested on live environments by the Nederlandse Loterij innovation team. Interested parties have until 16 January 2024 to submit ideas.

Launching the lab, Collin Mous, Head of Strategy & Innovation, commented: “The Innovation Lab offers opportunities to work with the Dutch Lottery on social challenges and with our strong brands. This creates excellent opportunities to offer innovative entrepreneurs and companies a flying start.”