“To make lotteries better” – Jan Matuska explains Allwyn’s global vision

To say 2023 was a transformational year for Allwyn would be an understatement, as the firm began to prepare for UK licence duties and established a presence in the US.

Allwyn has undergone a ‘huge growth trajectory’ in recent years, the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Jan Matuska, observed at the SBC Summit Barcelona last month, reflecting on triple-digit growth recorded in its September 2023 trading update.

The firm is now active in multiple prominent European markets – Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus and Italy – and now, through its success in the fourth UK National Lottery licence contest and acquisitions of Camelot and Camelot Lottery Solutions Group, the UK and US.  

 “It is one of our strategies to make lotteries better,” Matuska remarked, emphasising a strategy to ‘grow organically’, as evidenced by 2023 developments in existing geographies. 

 He continued: “2023 was also very transformational for us given we entered the UK market and we are looking at the transition to the fourth licence and also our entry into the US market. I am hopeful it will not stop there, we would like to grow in these markets further.”

In the US, Allwyn’s presence has been consolidated in the state of Illinois via its takeover of Camelot Lottery Solutions Group, the operator of the state lottery. The company has worked to hit the ground running in the market utilising an established and successful management team.

“The US certainly belongs to our strategy and the expansion in the US is one of the focuses because we believe there is a lot of potential to grow further,” he summarised.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of Camelot was significant in the UK, where Allwyn unseated its new subsidiary in the fourth licence contest last year and is currently preparing itself for Allwyn UK to take on stewardship of the National Lottery on 1 February 2024.

 The UK represents ‘a jewel in the crown’ for Allwyn, Matuska remarked, adding that Allwyn is confident in its ability to deliver on the demands of the licence, provide solid products and strong customer experience.

 Summarising Allwyn’s 10-year objectives for the National Lottery, he continued: “We will transform and rejuvenate the entire lottery segment in the UK to make it more attractive for the consumers.

 “There is a lot of innovation coming over the next year and we will be looking to address a broader customer base than ever before.”