HQ of BCLC, who have updated its VSE programme
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The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has broadcast a new advertisement for its PlayNow.com sportsbook with a focus on safer gambling.

Taking a ‘cheeky’ approach to the topic – in the words of BCLC President and CEO, Patrick Davis – the advert features ice hockey, American football and soccer players.

The catch is that none of the players are wearing any articles of clothing, with the exception of the necessary game equipment – to promote the ease of use of the PlayNow.com safer gambling functions.

“You don’t need big names and big money to have effective advertising,” Davis remarked on LinkedIn.

“With so much important dialogue in the industry about the frequency of sports-betting advertising and the use of celebrity and athlete endorsers, BCLC has continued to show that innovation in advertising is very possible: and without the flashy superstars who undeniably have appeal to younger audiences.

“With the NFL season beginning this weekend, BCLC, in partnership with our advertising agency 123w, is proud to unveil a new ad for PlayNow Sports, that demonstrates this innovation.

“I’ll admit, it’s a bit cheeky.”

PlayNow.com is the sportsbook operation of Canadian provincial lottery operator BCLC. The launch of the new ad for the offering is being documented in tandem with advertising for the GameSense responsible betting tools.