Flutter joins WiHTL community for better inclusion of HTL secto 

Flutter Entertainment has joined the charter of WiHTL, a business collaboration community devoted to increasing diversity and inclusion in the hospitality, travel, and leisure industry (HTL).

The initiative sees Flutter become a sponsor of WiHTL’s Women Non-Executive Director (NED) Programme. CFO Paul Edgecliffe-Johnson will also become a founding member of WiHTL’s CFO Committee. 

Founded in 2016, WiHTL is a collaborative organisation formed to help HTL businesses establish diverse, inclusive, and understanding environments for a sector impacting five million people globally by 2025.

Tea Colaianni, Founder and Chair of WiHTL, said: “I am thrilled to welcome Flutter Entertainment to our Collaboration Community and delighted that they are sponsoring our Women NED Programme, which is key to increasing diversity in boardrooms across the industry. With its global reach and high-profile brands, Flutter will make a significant contribution to our community.”

Flutter underscored the importance of joining WiHTL due to its business accounting for over 23,000 employees based in offices across five continents.

The FTSE100 gambling group will further take part in WiHTL’s “Global Advocacy Programme,” providing a new diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy led by the executive committee.

The WiHTL Women NED programme is “specifically designed to prepare female senior leaders for non-executive roles.”

Edgecliffe-Johnson remarked: “We are delighted to be joining WiHTL and sponsoring the Women Non-Executive Director Programme. Diversity at all levels of an organisation, starting with the board, is essential for long-term business success and very important to Flutter. 

“Equipping future potential NEDs with the knowledge and skills to take on these important roles is key to their development and is central to building a more inclusive boardroom.”