EEEP opens consultation on Greek gambling reforms

The Hellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) has launched a consultation seeking stakeholder feedback and opinion on proposed changes to Greece’s gambling laws.

The consultation will review the ‘draft gaming regulation’ aimed at modernizing practices in the regulatory, supervisory, and auditing functions of the country’s gambling sector.

In addition, the draft proposal has recommended new ‘administrative controls’ to be imposed on casino businesses in order to improve social protections and the public interest.

The draft proposal has recommended that Greek Casinos adopt an ‘Individual Player Card’ – referenced as a card-based system to track customer participation and spend on slots and electronic games.

On customer controls, it has been proposed that Greece redevelop its player self-exclusion scheme to safeguard vulnerable consumers from gambling engagements.

The EEEP has been recommended to establish a new responsible gambling framework, including an integrated system and a register of banned players, to enhance responsible gaming and player protection.

The proposal includes the implementation of standardized employee training procedures to ensure consistent practices across the industry.

There is a provision for studio operation within the gaming area, allowing the conduct of Other Online Games with a live dealer.

Lastly, the EEEP seeks to simplify and optimize various procedures, such as safety reserve management and notification of opening hours, to make administrative aspects more efficient.

Interested parties can send opinions, suggestions, and information by September 15, 2023, to the specified email address.

Feedback will contribute to perfecting the content of the regulation. The draft may lead to amendments in the legislative framework if accepted by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance.