SBC Summit North America Introduces Game-Changing AI Matchmaking App, SBC Connect Plus

SBC is proud to introduce SBC Connect Plus, an innovative and improved version of the event app, powered by cutting-edge AI matchmaking technology. Aimed at enhancing the attendee experience by providing personalized solutions, the new app will be used for the first time at the upcoming SBC Summit North America conference and tradeshow.

With SBC Connect Plus, event attendees will have the opportunity to harness the power of artificial intelligence by updating their profiles and preferences, providing the app with the necessary information to deliver on its matchmaking promises. Through sophisticated algorithms, the app will process the information and provide curated meeting suggestions based on attendees’ interests and preferences, facilitating meaningful business connections.

Michael Mandl, Chief Growth Officer at SBC, said: “This marks a significant leap towards enhancing our events, starting with SBC Summit North America. As the rise of AI continues its unstoppable trajectory, we are committed to embracing and leveraging its potential to benefit our attendees. To that end, we are launching an enhanced version of our event app that will streamline the process of identifying relevant leads based on attendees’ areas of interest, along with other perks.

“This app is designed to save time and elevate the overall event experience. This is a significant investment from SBC and we hope to see our attendees embracing this opportunity by downloading the app and updating their information. While AI is undoubtedly powerful, it still relies on people’s input to fulfill its purpose. It’s crucial to provide the app with the necessary information to help it excel in its matchmaking endeavors.”

Exhibitors and sponsors will be granted exclusive early access to the app, allowing them to update their company information with branding elements and documents, such as company brochures. They will also have the ability to add their products and services, supported by video materials, descriptions, and product category tags. Additionally, all companies exhibiting at the event will receive exclusive access to a game-changing on-site lead retrieval tool, enabling them to easily scan attendee badges and utilize AI-powered scoring to assess the quality of leads.

Registered attendees will receive a personalized invitation to the event app, providing them with the opportunity to update their personal information and interests. App users will be able to effortlessly search companies, people, and products, and identify ideal business partners that align with their specific needs, thus maximizing networking opportunities at the event.

This robust platform will facilitate the exchange of information prior to the event, allowing exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to enhance their brand visibility and personal profiles in a visually compelling and informative manner, and making them easily discoverable by fellow event attendees through the app’s powerful search functionality. 

Those who download the app will get to elevate their networking experience by utilizing the app’s advanced Engagement Hub, which enables them to effortlessly identify and connect with relevant attendees, schedule 1-1 meetings by sending out meeting requests, all within the app without the need for external searches for contact details. Each attendee will have a seamless view of meeting requests sent and received, with the ability to swiftly approve or decline them based on relevance. The approved meeting requests will then be integrated into their schedule, ensuring a highly efficient experience at the event.

Moreover, registered delegates will have access to the comprehensive conference agenda, enabling them to mark their favorite sessions, seamlessly navigate the exhibition floor during the Summit using the interactive floor map, and stay updated with push notifications to ensure they never miss any important action.

App users will also have the advantage of managing their busy event schedule in one place. They will be able to edit their notification settings and benefit from automated calendar sync to ensure they never miss a conference session or important business meeting they have planned to attend. Additionally, they will receive a timely reminder email with their daily meetings schedule during each conference day, ensuring they stay organized and make the most out of their networking opportunities.

The event’s highly-anticipated third edition will take place on May 9-11, featuring an exclusive pre-day limited-capacity event showcasing the Player Protection Symposium and the SBC Leaders & Compliance conference at the Altman Building in Chelsea, New York followed by the two core event days held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Visit the SBC Summit North America website now to purchase your tickets.