Trinidad and Tobago seeks RFP guidance for new online lottery system

The National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) – the operating entity of Trinidad and Tobago’s national lottery – has alerted domestic and international stakeholders of its “interest in launching a bidding process for a new online system”.

The notice was published by the World Lottery Association (WLA) to members last week, in which the NLCB informed that it required consulting services “to assist in the establishment of a Request for Proposal (RFP)” to facilitate its “tender and evaluation process.”

Further to RFP provisions, the NLCB requires professional guidance on the evaluation of tender offers, negotiation with vendors, contractual arrangements, technical implementation, and project management.

The operating firm of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Lottery since 1968, the NLCB currently operates a network of 1,200 sales agents.

Interested parties will have until 5 April this year to present their services proposals, which will then be evaluated by the regulator. Each applicant must pay a non-refundable deposit of $500.

2022 saw the government of Trinidad and Tobago form the Gambling Control Commission (GCC), a new body to monitor and govern gambling activities across the dual-island Caribbean nation. 

The GGC is led by former government AML senior advisor Stephan Tang Nian as Chairman, who has prioritised “improving the protection of minors from gambling, launch a fund for rehabilitation and safeguard Trinidad and Tobago’s business community from gambling-related money laundering and further financial crimes.”