Ghanaian lottery operators fight back over NLA commission cut plans

Ghanaian lottery operators fight back over NLA commission cut plans
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The Ghanaian National Lottery Authority (NLA) faces a backlash over plans to cut the commission of lottery operators, according to Ghanaian news outlet MyJoyOnline.

Since 1962, when the lottery was first introduced in Ghana, commission has been set at 30% for lottery operators.

However, under new proposals, that figure would be reduced to 20%, something which has drawn the ire of lottery officials across the country.

Gabriel Tanko Kwamigah, Deputy Secretary of Ghana Lotto Operators Association (GLOA), wants the NLA to reconsider its decision and even increase the commission to 40%.

“This is so unfortunate, things are tough in recent times and prices of goods are on the hike,” he said.

“At these crucial times, at least if for anything, the commission should rather increase but now we are bringing it down to 20%. It is not going to go well.”

Ghana Business News has further reported that members from the Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAAG) have also voiced their opposition over potential cuts in commission.

The Lotto Act (Act 722) gives the NLA Board the discretion to decide the commission for lottery operators.

Meanwhile, the NLA has been actively looking to increase its revenue streams this year, even seeking assistance from the African Lotteries Association (ALA).