Jackpocket hits ‘major milestone’ with 20 millionaire lottery winners

Jackpocket hits ‘major milestone’ with 20 millionaire lottery winners
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Jackpocket has announced that its third-party digital lottery app has now created 20 millionaire winners across the US.

After its launch in 2013, Jackpocket quickly set about establishing its brand and making moves to cement itself in the digital lottery and mobile gaming space.

In recent years, the firm has expanded into a number of different states including New York, New Jersey and Texas.

Its state portfolio currently stands at 13 after the addition of Idaho earlier this month.

Jackpocket has also partnered with a host of big-name brands, notably signing a deal in August to become the exclusive sponsor of the ESPN New York sports app.

Now, Jackpocket has highlighted another ‘major milestone’ in its journey, reaching 20 millionaire winners after a couple from Bergen County, NJ, won $1m with a Powerball ticket ordered on the Jackpocket app.

Other single-ticket millionaire wins ordered on Jackpocket have ranged from $1m, like the recent win of a nursing student from New York, up to a record $9.4m for a player in New Jersey, marking the largest win in mobile gaming history.

“In just a few years, Jackpocket has facilitated life-changing wins for our 20 millionaires in addition to over a million wins for other lottery players all over the country,” said Founder and CEO Peter Sullivan.

“Jackpocket was founded on the idea that the lottery should be accessible and convenient for anyone to participate in.

“We are proud of our success and absolutely thrilled to celebrate all our many winners today.”

Additionally, Jackpocket has recently surpassed $190m in combined winnings for its lottery players.