ISBB retail network set for shake-up after FDJ strikes terminals agreement

FDJ strikes ISBB terminals agreement
Image: Shutterstock

Groupe FDJ – operator of the French National Lottery – has been selected by the Israeli Sports Betting Board (ISBB) to modernise its retail network with camera-based ‘ELITE’ terminals.

ISBB and FDJ have previously partnered but this latest agreement will see the Israeli sports betting operator receive 2,000 terminals from FDJ, alongside its application and management suite.

Pascal Blyau, CEO of FDJ Gaming Solutions France, commented: ‘ISBB [have] already run their multi-channel betting business with our advanced betting platform technology for a decade and we are proud we were chosen to replace their POS equipment.

“For the terminal hardware, we work with Carrus Gaming, a strategic partner we have for more than 20 years.

“With ISBB our partnership will exceed 75,000 camera-based terminals deployed and more than 300,000 terminals globally.’

The partnership comes amid a period of M&A activity for FDJ, which is also seeking to enhance the international standing of its B2C betting division.

Last month, FDJ revealed it had entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire the horse racing brand ZEturb Group.

The firm also confirmed its acquisition of L’Addition earlier in the summer as it targets a strengthening of its presence in the payments sector.

Eli Ben Simon, CTO of GLMS member ISBB, added: ‘We were happy with ELITE as this terminal is camera-based and market proven.

“Camera-based terminals are the new market standard in the industry. They are more flexible as they can read all kinds of documents such as coupons, tickets, mobile screens, ID cards, etc.

“They also offer a transparent interaction with players and are more robust, hence much cheaper to maintain.”