ANJ updates Evalujeu gambling harm self-assessment service

ANJ revamps Evalujeu self-assessment service
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L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) – France’s Unified Gambling Authority – has revamped its gambling harm self-assessment service to help better protect players.

Evalujeu has been in operation since 2015, helping the French public to evaluate their gambling habits by providing self-evaluation tests on problem gambling.

The Evalujeu website allows users to answer questions related to gambling, allowing those struggling to control their gambling, or those who are close to such individuals, to understand potential risk factors and ways in which the situation can be changed or improved.

Evalujeu has been programmed using the ‘Canadian Excessive Gambling Index’ (CPGI) to determine the users level of risk.

Dependent on the result, Evalujeu will provide personalised advice to help the user and ensure that ‘gambling is maintained as a recreational practice’. 

ANJ stated that it had revamped the service with a ‘new digital identity’, in which it will provide the public better access to questionnaires, surveys and gambling harm videos and available tools to prevent excessive gambling.

The service has also revised its self-assessment questionnaires to specify individual gambling verticals, with a specific questionnaire set to be introduced for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

2020 figures by French gambling market monitor L’Observatoire des Jeux determined that 1.4m French players were at risk of gambling disorders, whilst approximately 400,00 players could be classified as pathological gamblers.

Meanwhile, ANJ recently announced a number of changes at boardroom level ahead of a review into the country’s advertising standards.