TQG-LS & mobivention launch new digital lottery terminal

TQG-LS & mobivention launch new digital lottery terminal
Image: Shutterstock

The Quality Group Lottery Solutions (TQG-LS) has collaborated with mobivention on a new Mini-Lotto Terminal to combat the increasing digital demand of the market.

This will see a full integration of mobivention’s apps into TQG-LS’ lottery system, allowing the lottery to offer players all services and products equally across all sales channels and without restrictions.

With the Mini-Lotto Terminal, lottery companies can offer their products ‘extremely cost-effectively’ in small shops and other locations.

The Mini-Lotto Terminal has an integrated rechargeable battery and its native Android handheld app can also be used on the move via the mobile network.

Vendors can use the Mini-Lotto Terminal to sell any kind of lottery product such as Eurojackpot, LOTTO 6aus49, MegaMillions, PowerBall and also instant tickets.

“With this device, we are meeting the new requirements of changing markets,” said Karsten Hagemeister, COO & Business Development at TQG-LS.

“The scanning of bet slips is increasingly taking a back seat. More and more players are orienting themselves towards online offers on the internet and in the lottery shop, mainly repeat tickets are sold by scanning the game receipt.

“Rising rents for lottery shops and increased energy costs are increasingly burdening lottery shops. With the Mini-Lotto Terminal, lottery companies can significantly reduce costs and simplify operations for lottery shop staff.

The terminal will be presented at the World Lottery Summit 2022 in Vancouver, where the likes of industry heavyweights IGT will also be showcasing its products and new technologies.