New Arkansas Scholarship Lottery game set for imminent launch

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to launch new Lotto game in September
Image: Shutterstock

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery will launch its brand-new draw game ‘Lotto’ this month, promising higher jackpots exclusive to the state.

The lottery has announced that Lotto will launch next week, in keeping with the tentative release date issued earlier this year, with ticket sales beginning this Sunday (September 18) for the first drawing on Wednesday (September 21).

Lotto can only be played and won in Arkansas, with the starting jackpot set at $250,000.

Eric Hagler, Executive Director at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, has said that the new game will increase funding for scholarships as more money from draw game sales will go to proceeds for the lottery’s beneficiary.

“We are extremely excited to offer Lotto to the people of Arkansas,” said Hagler.

“Our research indicated that Arkansas players wanted a game with higher starting jackpots that was exclusive to our state, and that’s exactly what we are giving them.”

Drawings will be held at 9PM in Little Rock every Wednesday and Saturday, with tickets priced at $2, with the stipulation that players must be at least 18-years-old.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery explained the new game in its announcement: “The game will differ from Powerball and Mega Millions in that it will be exclusive to Arkansas, and it will feature a bonus number.

“A player will pick six numbers from one to 40 to play. Seven numbers are drawn – six main numbers and a bonus number. If the player matches the first six numbers (main numbers) drawn in any order, they win the jackpot. Players who match the bonus number will increase any non-jackpot prizes. 

“Each drawing the jackpot is not won, the amount increases for the next one based on the sales of the game. When the jackpot is won by matching the first six numbers drawn, it is reset to $250,000 for the next drawing.

“The Bonus Number will be drawn at the same time as the six main numbers from the same pool of 40 numbers. It gives players who have matched five, four or three of the six main numbers a chance to win an even better prize. For example, if a player matches five main numbers plus the Bonus Number, they win $25,000.”