Svenska Spel commits further SEK 42m in problem gambling research funds

Svenska Spel commits further SEK 42m in problem gambling research funds
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Svenska Spel, operator of the Swedish National Lottery, has pledged an additional SEK 42m (€3.97m) over the next five years to support Swedish research on gambling and gambling problems.

Around SEK 8.5m will be supplied annually, while SEK 25m of these funds will be set aside for research grants as Svenska Spel continues to finance the work of the independent Research Council and Anders Håkansson‘s gaming professorship at Lund University.

The Research Council consists of experienced researchers and representatives from various societal interests and acts independently, without interference from Svenska Spel.

Sara Lindholm, Chairwoman of the Research Council, commented: “Social community efforts and addiction care need the right tools at the right time.

“The long-term investment in research on gambling contributes to knowledge of effective methods for preventing and treating gambling addiction.

“To develop the right interventions for those who need it most requires patience, commitment and research at the forefront.”

Since 2010, Svenska Spel has awarded over SEK 60m to fund gambling-related research in its efforts to help Swedish citizens, and this latest show of support commits the firm until at least 2027.

Last year, the lottery operator granted SEK 2.2m for Swedish research on gambling addiction.

“The Research Council has been a driving force and a central part in establishing the research field around gambling problems in Sweden,” said Patrik Hofbauer, President and CEO of Svenska Spel.

“There are still many unanswered questions about how best to prevent and treat gambling addiction.

“With that in mind, our continued support feels right both from a business and a humanitarian perspective.”

Svenska Spel also cited a recent survey which highlighted the need for further game research and to broaden future research and relations, both internationally and also with nearby research fields in Sweden,

“Our research is about making early discoveries when it comes to gambling problems,” said Håkansson, Professor of Addiction Medicine with a focus on gambling addiction at Lund University.

“The investment means that we can deepen and strengthen that work.”